Creativity – Developing Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Collaboration Skills amongst Job Seekers in the Creative and Cultural Sectors In Europe, the creative and cultural sectors have been identified as key areas for investment and growth. However the fundamental transversal skills of Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking and Collaboration, sometimes referred to as the 4Cs,  which […]


SOLIS: Developing wellbeing and social inclusion: achieving success through understanding of cultural diversity SOLIS project is a whole school approach, to develop an e-learning platform and web portal addressing core challenges within cultural diversity and discrimination, through interactive and collaborative activities such as digital storytelling. Digital tools under development for teachers of students aged 12-16 […]


ERASMUS + Call 2019 KA2 (Key Action) 2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education PROJECT TITLE: Crisis and Employment: Tools and methodologies For Your future PROJECT ACRONYM: CERTIFY Over the last decade open non-formal and informal learning pathways have been recognized at the […]

STEM4you(th) STEM4you(th) seeks to produce a comprehensive, multidisciplinary series of courses presenting key STEM discipline challenges to support young people, primarily high school students aged 14-19, formal and informal education.The content will be organized around 7 STEM disciplines: Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Engineering and Medicine. For each discipline 7-9 challenges will be presented largely through […]


The general objective of NAR_SPI is to overcome the lack of effective, open-source educational resources to help people affected by socio-professional exclusion. Through these new resources and their proper implementation methods, we intend to promote effective use by the targeted stakeholders working with the socio-professional integration (SPI) of beneficiaries in different EU contexts. This project […]