Second Certify Meeting

ATiT hosted the second project team meeting In the past few weeks, the CERTIFY project team have been re-scheduling a variety of activities due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our way of working and living. The second project team meeting was supposed to be hosted by the Luigi Sturzo Institute in Rome, during the […]

Good Τeaching Practices in Science Courses

Poster of RESERCH PATHS about the STEM4You(th) project entitle “STEM4youth: Teaching science using STEM terms (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)” in the conference  “Good Τeaching Practices in Science Courses” organized by the Department of Secondary Education of Pireaus, Attica, Greece (May 6th, 2017) POSTER_RESEARCHPATHS

Physics Enchants

Images from the stand of  RESERCH PATHS about the STEM4You(th) project  in the conference of the Hellenic Physical Society  “Physics enchants”